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Sal Secret Spot Sal Secret Spot Sal Secret Spot
Sal Secret Spot Boutique resort in Uluwatu, Indonesia


Are you a Surf lover?

Sal Secret Spot is located 150 mts from the edge of the cliff at Bingin Beach and some of the most famous Bali Surf spots are here, such as Bingin, Impossibles and Dreamland, all accessible by a quick walk down the cliff. The famous Uluwatu is just 10 minutes away from our Boutique Resort. Padang Padang tubes can be reached in 5 mins with transportation or accessed from our Resort by a nice walk across the beach on low tide.

Some of the best
Surf Spots in Bali

Bingin surf spot

Bingin’s hollow fast barrel is addictive for experienced surfers who know how to handle it.
However, expect competition from every visitor and locals in search of all the barrels they can score for the day.

You should also watch out for the “stop sign”, the raised coral that has prematurely ended the surf time for many visitors.


This surf spot is tamer than other Bukit surf spots, attracting surfers who want to avoid the heavy waves and sharp rocks of Bingin and Uluwatu. Dreamland’s relatively mellow breaks and beautiful scenery, combine to give this place its well deserved name. Beginning surfers can take on Dreamland at mid-tide on the beach break that’s more forgiving of the occasional wipeout. Its outer reefs can be really challenging at the right time of the year in low tide, that’s when big swells can create some really nice barrels.


Uluwatu has been attracting surfers since the Seventies, the five breaks offer surfers consistent swells with multiple chances to show off their skills. Not surprisingly, the place has grown quite crowded over the years. Uluwatu provides the most exhilarating challenge during monsoon season when the biggest swells hit the island. The temptation of taking on those fifteen-foot waves should be tempered by knowledge of the dangerous conditions, therefore don’t leave shore without a big board and a sturdy leash.